64. Embodying The Tower with Mari Andrew

On this episode of the podcast, we have an extraordinary interview with Mari Andrew. Mari is a writer, author, and speaker based in New York City, and the author of the book Am I There Yet? I had initially invited Mari to be our embodiment of the Strength card, but through the course of our conversations, it became clear that this was the embodiment of The Tower. I’m so excited to share this interview because very often when we think of cards like The Tower, there tends to be a sort of foreboding experience, and while Mari’s experience was incredibly challenging, we see that her lightness and her warmth has actually been expanded.

“If I feel something coming from my soul, then I know that I’m doing the right thing.” -Mari Andrew

The Tower is a deep and intense clearing of everything that no longer serves us, and in doing so, often elevates us to the next evolutionary cycle of our lives. Mari’s Tower experience came in the form of a sudden onset of an autoimmune disease that temporarily paralyzed her, and set her off on an unexpected journey of healing, grief, and transformation. The medicine that she shares around this (and her whole journey) is truly potent, vulnerable, and beautiful — a must listen for anyone who wants to understand not only The Tower, but the life that can blossom on the other side of painful and difficult experiences.

“When you share your story from a raw and personal place, people are inevitably going to connect to it and it’s going to help people feel less alone.” -Mari Andrew


  • Why Mari is embodying The Tower (and Strength and Death) for this episode (6:33)

  • How the death of Mari’s father unexpectedly opened her up to the world of art at the age of 28 (17:48)

  • How her sharing her art on Instagram became a form of service (20:40)

  • The importance of honoring our creative spark, and how we do not need to be given permission in order to call ourselves artists (25:01)

  • Finding courage to put yourself out there (30:22)

  • Mari’s experience with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and how it shifted the trajectory of her life, art, and work (35:31)

  • What it is to share our struggles on Instagram without a bow on top (47:57)

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