60. Embodying the Three of Cups with Staci Ivori

In today's episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul, we're talking to the amazing Staci Ivori, who is our embodiment of Three of Cups, and Queen of Wands!

“Doing the work of the Three of Cups is coming together in celebration and gathering, but also for the greater good to create magic, to create change.” -Staci Ivori

Staci is an intuitive guide, tarot reader, Reiki practitioner, herbalist and maker who teaches workshops, leads moon ceremonies, hosts circles, and facilitates women’s work all over the US.

Three of Cups is an experience of communal joy and celebration. It’s an energy of ritual, ceremony, and expansion experienced amongst one another. It takes a lot of trust and communication to come to a truly open experience of Three of Cups, which Staci and I dive into thoroughly. In our conversation, we discuss what group work is, and how it can improve our lives, the medicine of covens, and what it means to have safe, sacred community.

As is the Queen of Wands, Staci is an embodied witch; she lives her life in alignment with this level of depth, passion, power, and ability to connect with the deep waters, as well as the deep fires.

“It’s scary sometimes to shine in the light and that’s why I light up talking about my coven because they’re women that are mirrors for me, relighting or telling me how radiant I am. Three of Cups—it’s about queens honoring queens and blessing up each other.” -Staci Ivori


  • Shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius—The Devil to The Star and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (0:25)

  • Embodying the Three of Cups and the Queen of Wands in the Tarot (6:12)

  • What Staci does as a reiki practitioner, Tarot reader, and holder of women’s circles (14:54)

  • Staci’s Tarot journey + realizing the power of group work (16:13)

  • The magic that comes out of gathering in sacred space (21:35)

  • What does “women’s work” mean and working with the wound of circling with other women (25:09)

  • Holding space for group work for wherever people are at + without fixing anything (26:35)

  • The initiatory process of becoming a facilitator for sacred group work (35:57)

  • Circling at a weekend-long intensive gatherings (39:17)

  • Making safety a number one priority in sacred space (43:35)

  • Stepping into the Queen of Wands energy to become a facilitator and a healer of the dark feminine (50:45)

  • Shadow work, cycles, and transformation as an initiatory process and seeking + offering support to others through it (53:35)

  • What does it mean to have a coven? (57:45)

  • Staci’s experience at the Spirit Weavers Gathering + communicating triggers in group work (1:01:00)

  • The work of the Three of Cups in gatherings—being the change (1:08:33)

  • How to start small with women’s gatherings (1:10:58)

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