40. Trauma and the Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Lesson about how to utilize the Tarot for mental health and healing trauma. In this episode, Lindsay dives deep on how she worked with the Tarot during her darkest days with her PTSD (and her not so dark, still difficult days), using it to help her to determine what her brain was believing in moments of trauma, and what the truth of the soul was underneath the contraction.

“When there is the presence of trauma, and when there is the idea that anything is too big for the body to process at once, we need an anchor.”

This episode offers ways to begin considering Tarot as a profound ally and anchor for mental contraction or brain chemistry, helping us to identify our brain from our soul, and then how to wisely respond to our circumstances from a centered place. Using Tarot in this way also helps us to safely honor and bow to the “brain stuff” and the trauma, rather than trying to push it away. This is the foundation of Lindsay’s work with the Tarot, and she is very honored to be able to share this with anyone who it could serve.

“Trauma simply is information and the Tarot is really an invitation into evolving and expanding through any contraction at any moment.”



  • Lindsay’s own history with trauma and abuse (1:44)

  • How the Tarot came into Lindsay’s life as an anchor during her darkest days with her PTSD (7:19)

  • Finding an anchor and the practice of anchoring using the Tarot (9:26)

  • Feelings vs. facts and how the Tarot can help us find clarity (24:21)

  • How to use the Tarot to process trauma, trauma-friendly questions to ask the Tarot + a suggested Tarot spread for working through trauma (53:30)


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