63. Ask Lindsay: Unexpected Pulls, Throwing out the guidebook, and Reading for others

It’s Ask Lindsay time on Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast! The episode where I answer your questions about Tarot, magic and everything in between.

“If you feel excluded by a Tarot card, that is the limitation of the interpreter, the author, the collective experience. The cards don’t fail us, but the interpreters can sometimes fail us.”


  • How to redefine cards for ourselves when the traditional meaning doesn’t support or resonate with us (8:13)

  • How to read decks with additional cards that the creators added in (19:05)

  • Does pulling a Tarot card when you feel anxious feed obsessive tendencies? (21:56)

  • Is it unethical to read Tarot for other people without their permission? (24:15)

  • Trusting the cards you pull: is it magic or just randomness? (26:35)

  • Calculating the card of the year when the entire system of honoring time is Christian-based and you don’t follow Christianity (30:03)

  • How to use spirit/intuition to help tweeze out insecurity from the genuine “not ready” and do you know when you’re ready or not ready to read Tarot for other people (34:44)

  • Ten of Pentacles as a card for getting to know the Tarot more deeply (38:30)

  • Can you upset the Tarot by asking the same question more than once? (44:10)

  • Working with traumatic thresholds (46:36)

  • How can you reconcile your own interpretations with the Tarot deck creator’s — should you throw out the Tarot guidebook? (56:33)

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