13. WTF is Tarot with Bakara Wintner

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Bakara Wintner, a Tarot reader, teacher and author based in Durham, NC. She is the owner Everyday Magic in Durham, and is the author of the brand new book, “WTF is Tarot (and how do I use it?),” available wherever books are sold!

“One of the biggest gifts of the Tarot is that it take away that victim mentality. There is some order in all the madness and I find that in the Tarot.” -Bakara Wintner

Bakara is my girl from many years back, I love her deeply, and it was such a joy to have her on the podcast.

“What I’ve found through the Tarot—and you see it cycles even within the Major Arcana—is to reconcile duality and then go beyond it.” -Bakara Wintner


  • How she got her first Tarot deck — and how that moment changed her life (7:34)

  • Her journey through becoming a full time Tarot reader in NYC, to moving to Durham and opening up her store, Everyday Magic (26:55)

  • How Bakara came to writing her book (36:22)

  • Bakara’s writing process for her book (40:03)

  • Connecting with the court cards of the Tarot: Knight of Wands as the fuckboy (43:34)

  • Bakara’s favorite Tarot cards to write about: Death (46:37)

  • Some of the lessons and Tarot wisdom Bakara learned through writing this book (52:13)

  • Bakara’s self-care practice (54:29)

  • Loving the Tower and the Judgement cards (1:02:41)

  • Learning the lessons of Temperance, Five of Wands, Page of Pentacles, and Seven of Pentacles (1:05:05)

  • The Tarot suits as Harry Potter houses + Myers-Briggs and Tarot (1:09:53)

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